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Games to hunt down if you love Dark Souls

Dark Souls includes a slick plot. Historical events on the planet and their importance are often suggested and left to participant interpretation instead of completely explained or shown. The majority of the narrative is provided to the participant through dialogue from characters inside the sport, taste text from objects, and entire style.

The opening cutscene determines the premise of this game. The planet was shrouded by gray fog and dominated by dragons. In this Period of Time, Gwyn occurs upon the First Flame and finds out a Lord Soul. He and his allies use their capability to conquer the dragons, starting the Age of Fire. As time passes, the flames start to fade with the growth of people, and Gwyn sacrifices his spirit to prolong the Age of Fire. Together with the fire unnaturally revived, the undead curse starts to plague humankind, inducing particular people to constantly resurrect upon departure.


The forthcoming indie game Necropolis is unmistakably a Dark Souls clone, but it does not quite take itself seriously. For starters, the artwork style produces a world which is subjective and vibrant and even offers you facing off against giant shark-like critters, but there is also some tongue in cheek comedy in there, also. You may get a scroll known as"This Sure is a Magic Scroll" where your personality is not able to read since magical words are difficult to read, seemingly. Despite its goofiness, Necropolis will chew you up and spit you out in the event that you do not browse its world cautiously and it is a roguelike, therefore death is irreversible. Yeah, prepare yourself to shout.

Hyper Light Drifter

You are never going to understand what to expect after you input into Light Drifter's neon, cyberpunk, Mayan ruin-like environments. The whole world is a mixture of technological and natural components all highlighted by colorfulvibrant landscapes which comparison the somber musical tones and frequently gruesome visual motifs. Hyper Light Drifter combines the drama of Dark Souls, Zelda, and Ninja Gaiden, bringing lightning-fast reactionary battle, puzzle-solving exploration, and hair-pulling problem all into a single experience. You can not go wrong with this.

Castle in the Darkness
If you grew up enjoying gruelingly hard NES games such as Zelda 2, Castlevania, and Blaster Master, then you are at least marginally ready for Castle from the Darkness. Past the rough (but honest ) problem, inventive boss layouts, and endearing pixel artwork, this leading indie also imitates the colorful world style of Dark Souls. Every new area feels completely different from the past, jam-packed with key thing caches and handy shortcuts to suss out, given you are not knowingly slashing your sword from swarms of 8-bit enemies. The exploration and action are topnotch, but like Dark Souls, you need to prepare yourself to die. A lot.


Originally announced in 2004 as a PlayStation 3 title, Nioh (previously called Oni and Ni-Oh) relies on a script from legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa. Do not recognize the title? His movie Seven Samurai was remade in 1960 as a Western known as The Magnificent Seven. Partly because of its ties with the movie business, Nioh is much more story-oriented compared to Dark Souls games, since it follows a blond-haired samurai called William via feudal-era Japan. The atmosphere means fewer undead monstrosities and more bandits - with allies popping up only rarely - but in addition, it means a technical playstyle, in which you need to carefully handle your Ki and weapon position. Additionally, it is a little more barbarous than Dark Souls, as well as non-refundable foes can cut you down at one slice if you are not paying attention. In the event the Onimusha series and Dark Souls needed a baby, it'd be Nioh.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Among the greatest RPG series of the creation, The Witcher 3 provides far more than Black Souls concerning gameplay and story . The game occurs in a dream land where you're The Witcher who fights against evil creatures and creatures with arcane magic and sword fighting abilities. The Witcher is a narrative concerning the lone-ranger, Geralt who's on a trip to receive answers for the occasions in his lifetime. This game delivers a similar battle mode to Dark Souls with strong enemies that will throw you down in another if you're not paying attention.The Witcher 3 has won several awards for its incredible gameplay and narrative, so it is absolutely a must try.